3D Tomography Analysis

  • 3D Tomography

    Within objects where the eye does not see.

    The X-ray tomography allows you to check your sample without sectioning or destroying it.

    Searching for defects, voids, crack, production faults.

    The X-ray tomography is a consolidated non invasive clinical investigation technique used in the medical field and is now also entering into the industrial sector.

    The fields of application of tomographic X-ray analysis are the most different for particular  made of aluminum, titanium, magnesium, composite, plastic, rubber and so on..


    The main fields of application are:

    • automotive,
    • aerospace,
    • medical,
    • geological engineering,
    • archeology



    Tomography applicationSystems featuring:

    • High performance image acquisition and volume processing
    • Easy system operation and low cost-of-ownership
    • Straightforward inspection automation
    • Metrology CT with absolute accuracy measurement
    • Full 3D images with comparison to CAD provide maximum insight


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