Cardiovascular Human Digital Model for Medical Device testing and simulation

  • With the aid of our partners we can offer an online platform that can simulate the entire circulatory system of the human body and that allows testing the medical devices related to the cardiovascular system.

    The platform is based on software build on complex mathematical models and faithfully reproduces the hemodynamics of the main vessels of the human body, providing data such as pressure, flow, velocity, and diameter for different cardiac cycles.

    This powerful instruments is an additional tool, within our set, that we can use to enhance product development efficiency and streamline testing procedures in simulated human environment .

    The platform’s primary ability is to give a tool in which the various components of the human body, such as the heart, venous, arterial vessels, microcirculation, and cerebral dynamics, are closely connected to each other.
    The software is able to provide a holistic vision of the entire human body and to analyze:
    ● Numerous pathological cases such as thrombosis, hypertension, stenosis, arteriovenous fistulas.
    ● Medical devices connected to the cardiovascular system, such as: cardiac assistive devices, catheters or devices that stimulate blood flow through electrical-muscular stimulation.

    Currently, we can simulate healthy and pathological scenarios of:
    ● Heart
    ● Arteries / Veins
    ● Microcirculation
    ● Cerebrospinal Fluid
    ● Brain Interstitial Fluid

    We can simulate numerous pathological scenarios, like:
    ● Stenotic or regurgitant cardiac valves;
    ● Arterial or venous hypertension;
    ● Arterial or venous stenosis;
    ● Pulmonary hypertension;
    ● Aqueduct sylvius stenosis;
    ● Arteriovenous fistula;
    ● Arrhythmia.

    The platform is extremely efficient in medical research, both to verify hypotheses and to analyze new case studies.

    This will help to save time and costs for the design of prototypes, and significantly shrinking the entire design and testing process.

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