Reverse Engineering – Laser Scanning


    We use Reverse Engineering techniques to improve existing design, redesign, or as a input for new product development. Starting from a prototype, or from an object that you want to reconstruct, or from specific parts of which you want to perform particular analysis, through the process of reverse engineering  its CAD model is obtained. This is used to easily carry out the modification of existing parts, the development of new parts, the dimensional analysis and begin the manufacturing process.

    • Medical Device field
    • Automotive
    • Aerospace
    • Mechanics

    Reverse engineering steps:

    • Digitalization of the surface
    • Editing and filtering of measured data
    • Segmentation and creation of mathematical models
    • Creation of CAD models

    The advantages:

    • Non invasive Data acquisition
    • No piece placing
    • Quick and accurate scanning of 3D geometries



    Laser Scan ATOS Compact:

    • Scan volume: ~25dm³ to ~30m³
    • Accuracy : ± 0.05 to ± 0.2 mm
    • Export formats : .obj , .stl , .ascii

    Laser Scan ATOS Core 135

    • Scan volume: ~10 cm³ a ˜3,5 dm³
    • Accuracy : ± 0,008 mm
    • Export formats : .obj , .stl , .ascii
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