Special support for Medical Device Start-ups

  • At TS Quality & Engineering we supports companines ranging from startups up to multinationals.

    Our team comes from experience in medical device and pharma bluechip companies.

    Now we take this experience to the benefit of our clients.

    We like help innovating and we know how hard and capital exstensive can be innovation in the medical device and pharma field. For this reason we have designed specific support services and model for early stage medical device and pharma start-ups.

    Our team has technical and regulatory experience with latest avaialble technologies such as:

    • AI
    • SaMD
    • Blockchain
    • Electromechanical and microsensors
    • Biological and Chemical substances

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    Medical Device Start-ups support Services

    We have designed specific support services for startups to help them settle and grow:

    • Medical device concept evaluation support to help start-up weight the potential of their innovation
    • Regulatory strategy to understand time to market and budget
    • Investor and grant finance scouting support
    • Full support from concept to market introduction worldwide for R&D, Quality and Regulatory topics

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    Medical Device Start-ups support Models

    We can provide above services in tailored modes and mix them as required for the success of your venture:

    • Consulting on Demand –> We provide support on the need
    • Work package –> We provide support on specific deliverable and get it done
    • Staffing–> We find the resources you are looking for
    • Work for equity–> We lend our resources in exchange of company stakes and join your efforts for success

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