Development of Osteosynthesis plates using 3D printing technology

Field of medical and health sciences has been under a process of continuous evolution. Many new diseases and medical conditions arise daily, and so does their cure. Serious accidents which result in bone fracture are among one of the greatest threats medical science comes across. Sometimes, bones are damaged to an extent where their remodeling process gets into jeopardy. To deal with such bone fractures, Carl Hansmaan came up with the idea of using screws and plates in the process of augmenting bone healing and repair of severely damaged bones in 1886. This surgical process is known as Internal Fixation in orthopedics.

Modern Internal Fixation

Modern internal fixation techniques involve use of dynamic compression plates, rods, screws and other similar devices to keep the broken parts of bone in their place. Many modern devices of this type are being invented around the globe to assist patients in getting their bones repaired within minimal time required.

Uses of Osteosynthesis Plates

Osteosynthesis plates are used in various surgeries such as those of forearm bones (radius & ulna), thigh bone (femur), leg bones (tibia & fibula) and jaw bone (mandible) etc. Modern procedures enable higher stability and less pressure on bones along with provision of better handling.

Use of 3D Printing For Osteosynthesis Plates

Use of 3D printing technology in production of osteosynthesis plates has made their use mush easier. This technology has enable scientists to manufacture an osteosynthesis plate in such a manner that it closely resembles with anatomy of the patient’s site of injury.

TS Q & E Can Help for the Development of Osteosynthesis Plates

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